Plotbot Pro

PlotBot Pro is a multipurpose laser cutting machine developed from scratch and equipped with 100W CO2 laser tube, PlotBot Pro is simply a beast which is most suited for heavy duty applications.


Sleek Design and Enormous Workspace

For All Your Cutting Needs

PlotBot Pro is a multipurpose laser cutting machine developed from scratch and equipped with 100W CO2 laser tube, PlotBot Pro can easily engrave and cut many things, and help to make surprises in daily life. For instance, making Acrylic Sign Boards,  Customized Gifts, Engineering Laser Cut Components for the technical needs, greeting cards for families, or engrave any kind of photos on the wood for decoration, etc.


1. Equipped with A 100W CO2 laser tube, Plotbot Pro is an independent XYZ Plotter with efficiency to move 1000mm/s with very precise accuracy.

2. The main board has the capability to run both the motors, but also very easy to use. Moreover, any can also control the speed and power of the motor and laser.

3.  High-precision: Accurate up to 0.01mm, carefully engraves every detail in an image.

4.  Engraving area: 1300mm×900mm (4×3 ft) with the enormous working area

5. Touch Screen: 7inch touch screen with an attractive UI and custom controls. 


Dimensions are in mm


Plotbot Pro

Engraving Quality
Cutting Range
Working Time
Value for money


Special Features

Compact laser engraving machine with best quality engraving results

Acrylic Cutting

No other machine in this price range can produce a better quality engraving and cutting as our Plotbot does.

Gifts Making

Options are endless. As long as creativity does not find the limit gift options also endless.

Plotbot Pro

Product Specification

Product / Model

Plotbot Pro


XY Independent 2D Plotter with height adjustment bed

Working Area

4 x 3 Feet

Laser Power

100 W

Laser Type

CO2, Sealed Laser Tube, Wavelength 10.6um

Laser Cooling System

Water Cooling

Motor type

1x NEMA23 Servo motor and 3x NEMA23  Stepper motors

Power Adjustment

0-100% PWM Control, Adjustable in Software

Engraving Speed

0-1000 mm/sec

Cutting Speed

0-150 mm/sec

Working Voltage

AC220V/110V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Running Environment

Temperature: 0-40°C. Humidity: 5%-95% (free of condensed water)

Supported Format


Customer Feedback

Satisfaction does not come easily! It needs perfection in what you believe.

Supplementary Corporate Gifts

Thanks to Mr. Allwin from Athen Printers, Tirunelveli

Album Pad Cutting

Thanks to Mr. Prabakar from Foto Point, Chennai.

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